review1-compressor “I made my decision to try Red Dirt crossfit after a google search and phone call with Coach Marc. After my first class with coach Molly, I couldn’t wait to attend my next class. We learned simple, fundamental movements, and did a workout at the end of each class that incorporated what we learned.. I loved the people in my basics class and the coaches. In my first regular class, as the new person and a much lower skill level, I was welcomed and encouraged. Fast forward to almost two years later and Red Dirt has become my home away from home. As a past cross country runner, I tried to better myself with lots of running, regular gyms, and at home style workouts. Those are great, but the community and family I have at Red Dirt is what made the difference in my health journey and well being. Showing up every day has never been easier at Red Dirt.”
– Brianna

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